Directory Submission Guidelines

Every directory has their own set of guidelines that they follow when approving sites. Summarized below is a general set of guidelines that most directory editors would follow when deciding on whether to approve a site into their directory. Ensuring that you follow these guidelines when submitting your site will give you a better chance of getting approved.

These guidelines have been broken down into the 7 aspects that most editors would look into with regards to your submission:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Category
  • Url / Domain
  • Email
  • Site Content

Title of your Site

Each directory has its own criteria where titles are concerned.

Some directories do not allow the usage of keywords in the title and only allow for the company or website name. In such instances, you should only use the official name of your site without any keywords, e.g. for our site, our official company title would be ‘Directory Maximizer’ – note that there are no keywords included.

There are many directories, though, that accept titles with keywords to describe the site. In such cases as well, there are a few points you should keep in mind when writing your titles:

  • The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site and aptly describe (in a few words) what the site is about.
  • The title should be meaningful and not just contain a list of keywords.
  • The title should not be too promotional and read like an ad text, instead it should be as objective as possible.
  • The title shouldn’t be too lengthy (anywhere between 20 to 50 characters is usually fine).
  • Avoid the use of an exclamation mark ‘!’ in the title.
  • Avoid repetition of keywords.
  • Avoid words like ‘best’, ’leader’, ’cheapest’, ’greatest’ or any other exaggerated adjective.


Most, if not all, directories require a description for your site. The general guidelines for writing acceptable descriptions would be:

    • All the points mentioned above for the title


  • Do not mention any pricing details or any other promotional details that are subject to change with time. Again, a description should ideally just describe what the site offers (you may include features and benefits as long as it doesn’t make the description sound too promotional)
  • Most directories wouldn’t want you to mention a phone number and address details in the description – so it’s best to avoid putting in those details. 
  • Avoid Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Description.
  • Try and avoid ending your description with ‘and others’ or ‘etc’ or even ‘…’


Most directories aren’t too strict about what you enter in the keywords field but just make sure you don’t repeat any keyword more than once and also make sure you have the keywords entered in the format required. Some directories may require you to enter each keyword separated by a comma, e.g. keyword1, keyword2 – while some may require the keywords to be separated by a space. So just make sure you follow their guidelines.


Quite a few directories are very particular about you choosing the right category. Many people make the mistake of selecting the category too fast without checking if there would be a more relevant category. Take the time to go through the directory’s choice of categories and choose the most appropriate category. For some directories, where you’re not able to find a suitable category, you may even suggest a relevant category (if the directory allows you to do so) and if the directory editor finds it suitable, your site would be added under the newly created category you suggested.

Url / Domain

Not many directories are particular about the kind of url or domain you have but make sure you:

  • Submit the domain or url in the correct format. Most directories accept a url in the format of while some directories accept it without the http://
  • Do not submit parked domains and domains that have no content
  • Do not submit domains that redirect to another site.
  • Unless specified, only submit your home page url and not a url pointing to one of your inner pages, e.g. and not  Also, when submitting your home page url, do not include the ‘index.***’ portion of your url – it should just be
  • Some directories are particular about adding a forward slash ‘/’ at the end of the url. Remember to do so where mentioned.
  • Very few directories accept domains hosted on free hosting services or domains that are not registered – avoid submitting these kind of domains.


A few directories are particular about not accepting sites where the email address included belongs to a free account like yahoo, hotmail or gmail. This is applicable in very few cases. It is preferable to include the email address of your site domain, e.g. if you’re submitting, try and use Although don’t worry too much about this as there are very few directories that are particular about the email address entered.

Site Content

Apart from following the guidelines given in each directory about the kind of sites that are acceptable to them, here are a few other general guidelines about a site’s content that most directories are particular about:

  • Never submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch. Make sure your site is fully operational before you have it submitted.
  • Do not submit sites that have no content.
  • Some directories don’t accept sites having just one page. It is preferable for your site to have a few pages.
  • Your site should have a substantial amount of content and not be full of affiliate links or contain just ads all over.
  • A few directories do not accept sites with ‘mirror content’, i.e. sites having the same content but different domains.

Many directories get plenty of submissions a day and it could take just one reason for an editor to reject your site. So be careful and try and stick as close to the guidelines as possible.

At Directory Maximizer, we make sure that we follow these guidelines as closely as possible. To save the time and effort involved in submitting to all seo friendly directories, you may want to consider using our directory submission service.


Why Is Your Website Higher Than Mine In Google?

One of a series of AskMe questions this week, this one a lot simpler to answer than the dreaded “film or digital?” – one for another day! The question in full is:

“How come when I google my name, your page about me comes up before my own website? I added a meta tag in my code with lots of words.”

A series of robots (and humans) do the somewhat hefty job of indexing the whole of the internet so that the search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL etc) can find us on the world wide web. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the combination of methods used by content management and web authors to try and ensure that their site has the correct ranking. The higher the better, obviously.

The WWW is indexed using text – words alone. For photography websites, and especially for static brochure-type sites based mostly or wholly around photographs, SEO is difficult to manage because there is simply not enough data (words) for the robots to catch.

Things you can do to improve your site’s search ranking:

1. Name your photographs in several places. The file name SaltburnPier01 is far better than IMG00356, and do make use of captions, titles and alt=”” tags. The more words associated with your photographs the easier they are to find.

2. Write about the work. Descriptions, explanatory pieces of prose, critique or even appropriate poetry, anything (See 1). Doesn’t have to be on the same page, but the more text the better.

3. Link to lots of other sites. Traffic is vital for SEO. Visitors in and through your site will automatically add to your ranking. Success definitely breeds success. If you have no visitors, you’ll get no visitors.

4. Keep your links relevant. For photographers, that means linking to other photography sites, and not to a general mashup of your other interests, unless they’re part of your context or genre, or they’re one of your clients.

5. Put your domain name (URL) into your signature on all your emails, and attach to any posts you make in photography forums, and in comments on other blogs. In other words, promote your own site. All the time.

6. Use Web2 social media like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Deviant Art, Lomography, whatever is current, fashionable, and is where the people you want to see your work are hanging out. If you’re not active on these sites, take a couple of days to get around as many of them as you can and register with a name unique to you that will help you stand out or create the feel or buzz you’re seeking to create around your work. If you can engage properly in the ‘community’ on any of these sites, do so. Creating a sense of community around one’s work has never been easier, but like most things of any value, takes time to cultivate.

7. Use metatags. They won’t help much on their own, but put them in anyway.

8. Use a proprietory Content Management System (CMS) which is well known as an instant provider of good SEO. Currently WordPress is streets ahead in this game. If you want to make your own static website using something like Dreamweaver, make sure you do all of the above and keep your content regularly updated and changing.

9. WordPress is great for photographers, but there are a whole host of other content management systems for photographs out there. Look also at Drupal,Expression Engine and Moveable Type, and album and gallery systems likeJAlbum, Banana Album, Simple Viewer, PixelPost and so on. Specifically look for sites made with any of these and see how high they rank by Googling their keywords or titles.

10. If you can’t manage much or all of the above, or still feel you need a static word-free site just for just photographs, like an extended business card, then do supplement your website with a weblog. A how-to of blogging for photographers is overdue here, but is on its way in the next week or so. The most basic key to successful blogging is very simple though: do it and just keep on doing it.

What are Meta Tags?

 Meta tagsare HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag.

The meta description tag and the meta keywords tag are not seen by users. Instead, these tags main purpose is providing meta document data to user agents, such as search engines. In addition to the well-known meta description and meta keywords tags, there are other useful meta tags, including the meta http-equiv tag, meta refresh tag, the meta robots tag, the meta copyright tag, and the meta author tag, etc. These tags are used to give web browsers and search engine spiders directions or data on various information.

If you really feel like getting technical, take a look at this document . This is put out by the governing body on web design, and is an official W3C recommendation.

The Prescription Diet Pill For Effective Weight Loss

Healthy life is what everyone ambitions of, but how many of us really live one? Today, our poor way of life and busy time-table has led to a number of illnesses such as overweight, obesity and more. Bad dietary routines and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity.


Obesity or overweight has turned into a international problem in the last ten decades. According to World Wellness Company (WHO), it is approximated that 1.6 million grownups above the of age 15+ are overweight, a minimum of 400 thousand grownups are overweight and over 20 thousand children less than the age of 5 decades are found to be overweight.


Obesity is a condition when your bmi (BMI) is 30 or above. Individuals who have BMI greater than 25 are considered to be overweight. Overweight and obesity can lead to a variety of health disorder such as high-cholesterol levels, diabetes and hypertension. If you are overweight or overweight, the best way to get rid of your extra fat is by taking some weight-loss activities – diets, exercises and diet tablets.


There are a variety of issues associated with obesity. Some of the most related illnesses to obesity or overweight are high-cholesterol levels and hypertension. Knowing the issues associated with obesity, you will be able to understand how important it is to stay sleek and fit. In fact, reducing bodyweight has become the priority for many individuals globally.

What is online video marketing?

Online video marketing aims at promoting your business online with the help of video clips or movies of about 5-7 minutes. Introductory or welcome videos on the web and the commercial videos on social media and video marketing webs mainly constitute this category. Video marketing is probably the most expensive and positive feedback generating marketing campaigns. Edited camera recordings, short documentaries, reports and animated videos mainly serve the cause. It’s, no doubt, the theme that decides nature of the approach to be employed. However, animated videos are the most successful for advertising purposes. Light, but highly thematic and simple animated videos not only win appreciation of the customers at once but also, give them quick idea of the quality of services the promoter is offering.


Videos at ESP Interactive Solutions


ESPIS is known for providing highly competitive services to its valued clients. Our web video creation team and online marketing videos producing teams consist of the latest and highly professional staff. From envisioning the video theme to giving it a professional touch, ESPIS video marketing team offers best services to the clientele. Following are some salient features of our video creation services:


1-Eye-catching titles and start images:

Web video creation is a highly professional task. They are mainly meant for giving a warmer welcome to the new customers and presenting yourself in a better way. Our web video portfolio is a speaking proof of our expertise in this regard. We believe in the phrase that first impression is the last impression and work really hard to give a highly thematic beginning to your videos. The eye-catching beginning images and titles urge the visitor hit the play button almost spontaneously.


2- Highly Focused:


Web video creation demands highly focused content. We try our best to convey your message in the least possible time and in the best possible way. This approach helps a lot in winning customer and offers a good beginning to the new business relationship.


3- Creativity:


Our online video portfolio is evident of our expertise in the field of online video marketing. Online video marketing is no more that simple today as it used to be half a decade ago. Today’s market is too much competitive and the audience is too much choosy and keen. Running a successful online video marketing campaign solely depends on the creativity and expertise of the team. Our online video portfolio will give you even better idea of our iron hard claims.

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Do the Facebook Applications Really Help in Facing the Customer Community in the Informal Way?

There has been great hue and cry about the social media marketing these days. People have just one crazy in making their social media presence a beneficial venture for their business. Some of them are just running simple content based campaigns, providing links to the newly written blog posts or just sharing the latest news regarding their industry on their business page. Some go a step ahead and provide details of their products or services and draw informal criticism from the consumer market. The question arises here that do these campaigns really help in reading the consumer behavior in a better way and developing long term business relationship? Majority is not sure about the above approaches but those having facebook applications have proofs to show that social networking really works. Following are the salient benefits of having custom facebook applications:

1-Highly subconscious interaction:

Facebook app development are generally developed on fun grounds. They do not contain details or specifications of a company. They only engage the visitor in healthy social activities. This approach gives birth to an all exclusive, non-professional relationship between the business and the visitor. Users might always not be in need of your services or the products but nobody is ever run out of the hunger of costless recreation. This trend keeps your company or brand name all fresh in the memory of the customer and his visiting your page off and on keeps him updated of the latest trends and products. Hence, whenever, he is need of any of the products that you deal in, the first name to strike in his mind will be f your company or the brand name.

2-Quality of the Application provides a guess to the quality of your services or the products:

Moreover, the quality of the facebook application directory helps the new customers in predicting the level of services you provide or the products you deal in. The more interactive and high end technology used on your application, the better will be the image of your company goods in the customer’s eyes. Similarly, its user-friendliness range and the power and nature of the message, subconsciously give the idea of the usability of your products and benefits of your services.

3-You can easily have consumer clusters ideal for viral campaigns:

By having facebook applications like games, you can have several groups of active social media users. Whenever, there is a time of a viral campaign, just ignite the spark by sharing the details and you will see the viral blast of that piece of cake across thousands of facebook users, even those not members of your page. Over a matter of a couple of hours, your news update or the new product can become visible to global market.


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Actions speak louder than words!

Web design companies of today try their best to win customers, providing details of their expertise and promising quality results. Mainly they use web content of the web for this purpose. Most of the companies dedicate a whole page with the title ‘about us’ or ‘our mission’ to impress the customers. But, there is actually something else that overcomes thousands of words and pledges and defines the company exactly as it is. This is the Web Design Portfolio of the company. The extensiveness of the web design portfolio is a speaking proof of its appreciation by the online business community. This detailed list explains the skills and approach of the design team of the company far better and quick than the highly technical and dry words. ESP Interactive Solutions wins trust of the new clients due to the same reason. Take the projects,San Francisco web design projects for instance. Our Bay Area web design team has contributed a lot in achieving this rock solid footing in the market.


Oaklandweb design projects:


Business community of Oaklandappreciates creativity and looks for uniqueness but, mingled with simplicity. The design of echoes the same theme. The combination of colors, the simple layout with light colored banner, having light animation, just fits perfect to the theme of the web. Similarly, the design of just diverts the attention of the visitor from the main purpose and keeps him staring at the design with appreciative eyes. Since it’s an architecture site, its design gives a very impressive first impression to the visitor. The creativity of the visionary and the fabulous design by the designer just do more than 80% for the visitor of the web and the new client of ESPIS. The skewed slide show banner on the right with a static image at the bottom imparts great novelty to the design, winning the trust of the new client.


San Franciscoweb design projects:


San Franciscoweb design clients pay too much detail to the compatibility of the web with its theme. Their main concern is that the message should be conveyed with elegance. Take this website for instance. Usually dark colors put strain on eyes and the visitors don’t like to stay for long on the web. But, the color combination and the design scheme by the designer have just ruled out the general conception, successfully.


Bay Area Web Designers:


These designers are known across the globe for their web design skills. ESPIS is also proud to have great designers from this area in its design team. They have made quality contributions in building the web design portfolio of ESPIS.

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